Jean Linard's Cathedral is no longer open to the public

The year 2019 ended with the decision of most of the Linard heirs to put an end the management agreement for the Cathedral site with the Autour de la Cathédrale de Jean Linard association (ACJL).

Subsequently, we would have liked to relaunch the communication around the cooperative society "Une mosaique pour la Cathédrale" and continue the fundraising which in 2019 had enabled us to raise around 17,000 euros for the collective acquisition project of the property. Unfortunately, the arrival of the COVID-19 virus pandemic did not help.

Towards the end of 2020, we finally learned that a promise to sell was going to be signed, without any details concerning the maintenance of the monument.

The association therefore sought to re-establish a dialogue with the Linard heirs. In December, she initiated a mediation measure by calling on a lawyer specializing in cultural heritage and conventional mediation. Unfortunately, this process was unsuccessful, as the heirs did not respond to our requests.

As of November 2021 we still do not have any details about the future of the site.

Dissolution of the association

Regarding the association, it seemed obvious to us that it no longer had any reason to exist.

The members of the collegial board of directors, the only remaining active members, have opted for the dissolution of the association.

ACJL has chosen to donate all of its property to Patrimoines Irréguliers de France (PiF), an association under the 1901 law which aims to safeguard and enhance outsider art sites.

This association also spurred the founding of ACJL in 2012 and has often collaborated with it, in particular for the organization of scientific events and exhibitions.

PiF will be keeping the conservation study carried out by ACJL, an essential tool for the conservation of The Cathedral and for its management as a monument. The intervention protocol created by ACJL from this tool made it possible to experiment with an intervention model that could be used in other outsider art sites or be the subject of scientific publications and conferences around the safeguard of these heritages.

In this perspective, Patrimoines Irréguliers de France will take care to make the best use of the experience of ACJL.

Patrimoines Irréguliers de France is currently carrying out several projects around outsider art. You can find all the news of this association on its website.