The Association "Autour de la Cathédrale de Jean Linard"

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The Association "Autour de la Cathédrale de Jean Linard"

A nonprofit association called "Autour de la Cathedrale Jean Linard " ( is an expression playing with the double meaning of the word autour which means at the same time around and about ) was created in early april 2012 aimed at the protection and development of this place. The association wishes to conduct a long-term cultural project with the intention to develop the artistic, cultural and social potential of this site.

Currently it is responsible for making this web-site, as well as the organization of the opening to the public this summer.
The board of directors is made up of people who have recently decided to take an active part to safe-guard the cathedral (especially since the petition and letter addressed to the Minister of Culture ) and also people who have always been interested in the Cathedral and have known Jean Linard.


For those who wish to become members in 2013 there are two possibilities;

€ 10 : this entitles you to a free entry to the Cathedral throughout the 2013 season
€ 20 : this gives a free entry to the cathedral + a discount for a show of your choice.

Please return the application form completed and signed with your check to this address:
Association "Autour de la Cathédrale de Jean Linard"
Les Maisons Neuves, 18250 Henrichemont, France


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